At SHRC, we understand the concern that family and well-wishers have for their loved one who is hospitalized. We also know that the visits paid by the patient’s near and dear and their presence are crucial to the patient's recovery.

In the interest of patients and for the smooth and uninhibited functioning of the hospital, we have instituted certain guidelines for the visitors and attendants of the patients. These guidelines are there to ensure that visitors and attendants are cognizant of hospital procedures and protocols, so that the patients' recovery and care is not impeded.

Ward visiting hours

Evening: 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Guidelines for visitors

In case of ICU patients, ONLY one visitor will be allowed inside the ICU at a time and can visit the patient for a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes only. This is in the interest    of infection control, optimum patient care and faster recovery.

All visitors need to obtain a visitor’s pass from the front desk and then proceed to the patient’s room.

The visitor’s pass needs to be displayed during the entire duration of the visit to the hospital.

Visitors are requested to abstain from bringing flowers / bouquets, food, fruits, gifts, etc., to the hospital.

Children aged twelve and below will not be allowed into patient rooms / ICU.

In case a visitor is unwell, it is best they do not visit a patient.

During any clinical procedure undertaken in the ward area, visitors may be asked to leave the ward temporarily. We request visitors to please oblige and cooperate    with our staff.

Visitors are requested to refrain from touching the patient’s wounds, if any, or any devices such as drips or catheters.

Visitors are requested to check with the nursing staff, prior to visiting patients who are being nursed in the ISOLATION rooms.

Guidelines for Patient Attendants

Attendants are requested to abstain from requesting for additional facilities like linen / extra pillow etc., from the hospital.

Attendants are requested to have all their meals at the cafateria only. Eating in the patient room is not encouraged.

In case the patient is in the ICU, attendants are requested to follow the instructions of the hospital staff relating to patient visits.

Their instructions are provided in the best interests of the patient, who is always the first priority.

In case the patient is shifted from one room to another, the patient attendant pass needs to be changed as well.

In case of loss of the patient attendant pass, the attendant needs to report the loss to the front desk team immediately to avoid inconvenience

Before the patient is discharged, the attendant pass needs to be handed over to the front desk.

The hospital reserves the right to withdraw visiting rights from visitors or patient attendants who are displaying threatening, abusive or violent behaviour and will do the needful to ensure the removal of those persons from the premises.

The hospital is not responsible for visitors’ property or valuables.