Taking care of babies, children and adolescents is not just about diagnosis and treatment. It also involves dealing with them in a manner that is non threatening and comforting. At SHRC, our pediatric team of experienced pediatricians and well trained nurses standout because of the compassionate and caring manner in which they handle our young patients.

The Pediatric department operates in a child friendly atmosphere. It is well equipped to meet all kinds of emergencies and complications that may affect babies and children.

Pediatric services offered by us include:
Neo natal services

Pediatric and neo natal services before or after child birth

Incubator and phototherapy facilities

Pediatric surgeries




Treatment of undescended testes

Pneumatic reduction of intussusception - Telescoping of one segment of intestine into another

Pyeloplasty - Surgical reconstruction of the renal pelvis to drain and decompress the kidney

Reimplantation of ureter