The health issues of women need to be treated with sensitivity and understanding. The multi disciplinary team at SHRC is well equipped to deal with all aspects of reproductive and women’s health from helping an expectant mother through her pregnancy and delivery, to dealing with simple or complex gynecological problems to resolving problems related to conception.


Bringing a new life into this world is a magical and memorable experience. At SHRC, our team of obstetricians and nurses strive to make the child birth experience extremely comfortable and luxurious for the mother and child. Their expertise and experience ensure a safe and happy experience even in case of childbirth emergencies and high-risk pregnancies.

Services offered at SHRC include:
Antenatal care

Preparing for baby’s birth is an important first step. We offer comprehensive antenatal care services like


3D scans during pregnancy

Lab investigations

Obstetrics & Post Natal care

Having a stress free birthing experience is crucial. At SHRC we are well equipped to deal with the following:

Normal delivery


Surgery for ectopic pregnancy (laprascopic and open surgery)

Fertility related procedures

For those seeking assistance with conceiving, we offer the following services:

Hysteroscopy - Inspection of the uterus by endoscopy

Ovarian cystectomy - Removal of cysts in the ovary

Myomectomy - Removal of non cancerous tumors or fibroids


Dealing with gynecological problems can induce anxiety. This is why at SHRC we combine specialists with advanced technology to make sure our patients are in good hands.

We carry out both laprascopic and open surgeries such as

Hysterectomy - Removal of uterus.

Myomectomy - Removal of non cancerous tumors or fibroids.

Polypectomy - Removal of abnormal tissue growth.

Dilation and curettage - Widening and removal of part of the lining of the uterus.

The SHRC Advantage

We have minimal maternal or newborn morbidity.